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A little about me…

IMG_8881Hi! I have been working in the field of physical therapy since 2007. I am a graduate of Columbia University in NY and have all my experience in orthopedics/sports settings. I believe pain is #1 reason why people seek my help while #2 reason is loss of function, not being able to do what you were able to do previously. I do not like to just focus on the injured body part but rather take a look at your whole system, in order to determine what is working and what is broken.

The upmost important thing is to identify ALL factors that are contributing to your pain, address them, ensure they are never coming back so you do not keep paying your salary to your doctors. When I say all factors, that means, nutrition, activity level, biomechanics factors, neuromuscular factors, cultural beliefs, goals and motivation etc. I strongly believe history taking, listening to what or how this happened, is the most important part of the exam. My assessments start with skeletal system, examining you for your alignment and posture, looking at muscles to address any asymmetries in tightness as well as strength, assess your nerves to see if there is any compression. Then we make a plan on how we are going to target all our exam findings to get you back to personal best.

I am very lucky & blessed to have touched so many lives and its pure pleasure to see people getting better, free of pain, being able to go back to where they want to be in their lives. That may be going back to work and working full time as a driver without low back pain, running 3 miles 4 times a week without knee pain, being able to lift and carry their kids without shoulder pain or going back to golf after a hip replacement surgery. As I help my patients in my community, I want to have a bigger impact and share all the knowledge with other clinicians, patients and people all over the world. As healthcare is trending towards the view of wellness and prevention, on this blog my purpose is to provide tips to prevent a projected health risk.

Please note that information presented on this blog is not to diagnose you or to provide you with a possible treatment. As I mentioned earlier, we cannot just look at the body part and just give a protocol to be completed for recovery. YOU are different than everyone else, your chemistry is different, your job demands are different, how you got injured is different, your previous and target activity level is different than others so it is not a cookie cutter. You need to be examined and evaluated by a licensed professional in order to get better. So please do not read and self diagnose, or self treat.

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