Why do we all suffer from back and neck pain?

Couple reasons to why many of us suffer from low back pain are trauma, poor posture, poor lifting biomechanics, prolonged positions that pushes our body to its limits such as sitting 8 hours a day at work. Low back pain can also be unilateral meaning one-sided. Our pelvis is made up of three bones. Each Hamstring attach to same side of the pelvis. If one of your hamstrings is tighter, that could create a misalignment of your pelvis and create one-sided low back pain due to uneven pull.

Even though we cannot really prevent a traumatic fall or an accident, we can prevent lifting or faulty posture related back pain. Making small changes in everyday life can make have a big effect in preventing back pain. Check out following blogs on how to prevent back pain during specific activities.


Image is obtained from http://www.lumobodytech.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/SVS-Image-e1381179069273.jpg

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